Facebook videos

Please check out my Facebook page....Michael Kelly Cavan....for all the videos I have posted since March 2020.

With live performance opportunities few and far between I have embraced the online world, posting over 40 videos so far.

If you have…

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Video Shoot At Registry Theatre in Kitchener


Live at the Registry Presents 

Michael Kelly Cavan and the Lonesome Sidemen 

Please join us at 8:00 pm on Thursday March 9 as part of the studio audience at the Registry Theatre as we approach St Patrick's Day…

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KW Record article

Here is an article that was published in the Waterloo Record
just prior to my concert a few weeks ago. 
I like how the reporter captured my history and my music.
A big thank you to Valerie Hill.
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Concert in Stratford

For those out and about on the August long weekend, I will be doing my annual Concert in Queens Park, Stratford on Sunday, August 2nd at 7pm. There's usually a great turnout. Come and have a picnic before the show,as…Read more

And another date

Just added July 3 and August 28th at the Halton Country Inn to the calendar